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Soap is one of the daily body care products we take for granted, it could actually date back to thousands of years when the ancient Babylonians mixed ash and fats together to make the very first soap. The essential idea of modern soaps is based on this historical version, but it often combines advanced ingredients.

There are different soap making methods like hot process, cold process and melt & pour. However, cold process method is generally recognized the best way to create high quality soap bar.

The hot process method involves heating whatsoever during the soap making, it could decrease the goodness of natural oils & butters. Melt and pour method is probably the easiest way for soap making, the soap-makers usually buy the commercial premade soap base from the manufacturer and then melting it, adding colorants, scent agents, exfoliants, and moisturizers to process the soap. However, all of these soaps may be highly processed with chemical ingredients.

In contrast, the natural plant butters and oils are used in traditional cold process technique without involving any heating procedure, the texture of these soaps is not only a lot creamier but the benefits of ingredients can be adequately preserved. Therefore, the traditional cold process method allows soap markers to use the best natural ingredients to produce top-quality soap that is even suitable for sensitive skin.

As a responsible pure natural soap maker, REBORN ARTISAN BODY CARE takes care about every single step the soap making process. We only produce quality soap by cold process method.  We combine this traditional way with aromatherapy using top-quality essential oils adoption. We create our gentle soaps and cure them over 4-6 weeks. This produces a long-lasting soap bar with ultimate moisturization. Our soap bars benefit the skin by cleaning from the very deep and penetrating the great ingredients to moisturize the deep pores. This ensures that your body gets all the moisture whenever you are using our soaps.

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