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Hiya, this is Fabiano & Neven. We started our company story from a wee chat in Airbnb. Imagine that two people with rather different personalities chat together (Fabiano is emotionally intense and extroverted while Neven is more rational and a bit more introverted). Perhaps one of us is from a beautiful Italian region Trentino (Fabiano) and another one is from a modern city Hong Kong (Neven). We come from different life experiences and we often have different opinions (at least we don’t fight…) on many contemporary topics. Accidentally, we found that we have a common interest which is natural body care. By trying to find the solution to make the greener, more eco-friendly and safer body wash, we started the experiment to make our first soap bar. From that moment, we can’t stop to explore different traditional formulas and Reborn was born.

Combined with 100% traditional artisan techniques, wonderful fresh
natural ingredients, and pure clean Scottish water, we developed a unique, sustainable, stylish but minimalistic high-quality artisan soap. Our soaps contain premium essential oils that leave the skin naturally and gently scented with inner passion. We only use ingredients from a sustainable, reliable, and ethical origin. REBORN ARTISAN BODY CARE products are natural, SLS & SLES-free, palm oil-free and paraben-free. All our REBORN products are eco-friendly, cruelty-free and suitable for vegan.

Being a responsible and ethical brand, we are not only focusing on ARTISAN BODY CARE and HOME & LIFESTYLE products. We believe the inner radiance is more than outside beauty. Since we are living in an imperfect world, we always do our best to contribute to making a better society. We value trustworthy, equal and healthy human relationships. Therefore, we fully support LGBT society for love equality. We believe dreams and lots of love not only make our product special but also make the world better.


We took this photo from our first SME market in HSBC Edinburgh

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