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We do not only care about your body. We also concern about global society. We believe the understanding of various universal values from each other is the key to make this imperfect world better.


No matter from east to west or from north to south, war is one of humanity’s most pressing problems. It made millions of people innocently sacrifice their families, lives and futures every year. Peace is almost always preferable to war. Moreover, peace can and must include not only the absence of war but also the establishment of positive, life-enhancing values and social structure.

Reborn appreciates every single thing that happens in our daily life as it could amplify peace in our society and in our world. We believe learning about other cultures, religions, and customs enables us not only to eliminate prejudice but also to understand different perspectives and to develop a feeling of connection with all people. We also believe selfless acts uplift the consciousness of peace as well as bring comfort and solace to others.

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