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We do not only care about your body. We also concern about global society. We believe the understanding of various universal values from each other is the key to make this imperfect world better.


Freedom is being yourself without the approval of others. Be who you were really made to be. It is essentially an inner thing; something inside a soul; the presence of something in our personality. When a person is free, the spirit gives itself spontaneously to its allotted place.

Reborn values the happiness of freedom. It gives us the chance to think, to talk, to read and to walk with no limitation. It is a gift to Reborn to be the real us. We cherish the power of freedom. We wish everyone has ability to liberate himself/herself from other people’s expectations. For those people who are living in places without freedom, equality and justice, we hope they’ll enjoy the true happiness without any oppression and fear someday.

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